Our Universe May Be Inside Of A Black Hole

Because our universe is so huge, it appears that nothing else could exist. Experts believe we may be in a 4-dimensional black hole. Our universe began at the singularity, an infinitely hot and dense point in space. According to CERN experts like James Beecham, black holes in our universe may be characterized in the same… Read More »

Astronomers Accidentally Discovered Hidden Galaxies At the Edge of Time

A team of astronomers has unexpectedly discovered two galaxies that were previously hidden from view at the edge of space and time. Yoshinobu Fudamoto, an astronomer from Waseda University’s Research Institute for Science and Engineering and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), directed the team that made the discovery using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter… Read More »

The universe keeps dying and being reborn, claims Nobel Prize winner

Sir Roger Penrose thinks that our universe has undergone numerous Big Bangs, with more to come. Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematician and physicist from the University of Oxford who recently shared this year’s Nobel Prize in physics, says that our universe has undergone numerous Big Bangs, with another one on the way. Updated version of… Read More »